Your LinkedIn Profile is the first - and may times the last - thing your future clients see on LinkedIn. 

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Step 1: Locate Your Ideal Client on LinkedIn

Who is your Target Audience on LinkedIn? Figuring out your Ideal Client Profile is key to success on LinkedIn

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Step 2: Build Your Personal Brand

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Making sure you get all the Referrals you deserve! 

According to the New York Times, 65% of new business is generated through referrals - and customers are 4 times more likely to buy from you once they have been referred (Nielsen Research).

However, almost 80% of businesses do not have a Referral Marketing System – and there is a good reason for this.

Traditional wisdom claims that asking more times and following up harder will generate more referrals – unfortunately, this violates a fundamental principle of human relationships: the need to give first and to give unconditionally (also known as 'The Golden Rule').

In order to motivate your referral partners to promote you to their network, you need to turn the traditional approach to referral marketing on its head and approach it from a point of generating reciprocation. 

Thanks to LinkedIn, it is now possible to complete the entire Referral Marketing Process on LinkedIn - and generate enough referral clients to never have to cold call again. 

Step 3: Grow Your Referral Network

Interview with Helen Nicholson, CEO The Networking Company

On LinkedIn, your network determines your net worth - and your networking strategy is essential to LinkedIn success 

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